Sunday, October 15, 2006


the party last night for hyacynth was so much fun! i logged on to finish up my new store getting it ready, and one of my friends, who was supposed to help, said, "oh after the party for hyacynth!" and i was like, "party??? tp please!!!" then i remembered i had donated number 100 in my limited edition gown for the auction, and WOW, did i have a GREAT time... first off, i bought this way cool blue "one of a kind" car at the auction, it's super cool and so pretty and it was fun to bid ;).... i got to meet the "silent sparrow" herself and that was a treat and also so many other SL folks whom i have admired for a very long time. so that was a lot of fun... then there was an auction for something, that billybob (ally geer's man) and i were bidding on, increasing our bids by 1L each time, hahaha, it was super fun... it was the end of the night and not many people were there... so it took forever to get to the winning bid of.... 12002, which i won! hehe.... but then, something really cool happened... they announced the winner of the photo contest and it was.................................... ME!!!! yay! one of these is photo that won, i submitted 3. So now i get a "bag" of limited stuff from "silent sparrow" and how cool is that???? it's VERY cool... so, needless to say, by the time i went back to my store to finish... i was pooped, called it a night, and was glad i put play before work ;)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow those photos are beautiful! I see precisely why you won. Nice work, hun.