Tuesday, October 31, 2006


i was interviewed for Aspire magazine this week, and it was very exciting as it was the first magazine that interviewed me for an article. it's a super cool new fashion magazine and the first issue came out last month, i picked up a copy gurlywood. i was impressed by the layout and overall look and feel of the mag. so i was super excited to be asked to be in it! did a photo shoot the other day for it too and that was fun. i got to dress up in my stuff, and sorta mix and match, hehe. at on point i put on an outfit made my someone else, (can't remember who) and a friend standing near by im'd me and said, "callie, this is about YOUR clothes"... hehe, OOPS! well anyway, a fun experience for sure. the Aspire team is very professional and so far this has been a pleasure! here is a pic of the reporter, rubianne and me in my office. she's wearing one of my dresses and i think she is gorgeous! oh, i've been asked to be the cover girl of a magazine in decemeber too! yay! but more on that... later. :) happy halloween everyone.



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Anonymous said...

As CronoCloud would say, "zOMG! You're famous!"Congrats on the press, caLLie. Here's to much more :-)