Saturday, October 28, 2006

steve irwin donation made

hi all,

i only thought it was befitting to let you all see that the money you donated for steve's shirts was indeed given to his foundation.

as i received the check today from LL, i made the payment by credit card as soon as it came in the mail. i hope you all can see this, i took a few screen shots, then put them all on one picture. it included my "sl" company name, but i didn't think would mean it came from me, on the comments i wrote that it was from "the residents of SL who loved him".

i blocked out my personal email and credit card number of course.. so that is why there is black there.

thanks to everyone who made this gift possible.

oh, btw, the shirts brought in nearly 400L, so i round it up. and total sold was about 500 packs of 2 shirts, with donation amounts between 100L - 10k L.

THANKS everyone who helped in this, from the bloggers, mag. publishers, to feri beckenbauer who not only took a picture with me, but who put the kiosk right at his landing tp, as did six kennedy of gurl six, ciera bergman of Vitamin C, fallingwater cellardoor of shiny things, stacey sugar of the barbie club, and the others of you who wrote and asked for a kiosk... i can't remember them all now! also ty to my partner kiana who let the HUGE kiosk and vigil sit in the middle of our store for at least a month.

you all are great.



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