Thursday, November 16, 2006

ASpiRE! n' me... GREAT!

I had the extreme honor and privilege to be interviewed for the second issue of ASpiRE magazine, and I can't even tell you what a pleasure it was to meet such professional, hardworking and just kind people. This is the first article ever done on my designs and me, and it was so much fun and has added a totally different experience to my SL. I LOVED IT!!!

I think this magazine is so well done, has a wonderful look a feel to it, and well, I just can't wait to see more issues!!!

If you have not ever seen one, make sure to grab a copy inworld. (there is a kiosk at my shop in plush lambda) and after you click it, the magazine will be in your objects folder, then you "wear it" and it rezzes on your screen.

Pass along the word to your friends if you like this publication, did I say I think it's great???

So here's a sneak peek, the article on caLLie has 6 more pages, OMG!!! There are also some other great articles, and great fashion reviews, great model profiles, and other great stuff...

Did I say i think it's GREAT??? hahaha... the first one to drop me a notecard inworld with how many times I say "great" in this POST (including title), can pick out any 3 outfits of their choice in my shop. ;)

Oh, more GREAT news coming this week on more great stuff I have the honor to be involved in!!!

have a great day!!!




CronoCloud said...

Congrats Callie. It's great that you got interviewed for Aspire.

Jeza said...

Great Great Great!!

Or as one Tony the Tiger would say..


ok... showing my age there... :P:P

Gratz to Callie!!


Anonymous said...


I loved the article and the free snowflakes you sent to all of us group members. You are my favorite designer in SL, and I just can't believe how nice of a person you are, you always have time for us, and I see you always welcoming people and talking to them, and I love being a "cal gal".

I am so excited to hear you are getting a sim! You didn't tell us that!

And of course, your photos, WOW, amazing... I am going to tell everyone about Aspire, and of course you.

Thanks for always being so kind, and my new friend can't stop talking about how you gave her stuff out of your own inventory, shoes, and all that, and spent over 20 minutes with her... you made her day, and SL, so far!

I have never posted on a blog so I don't know if this will work, if not, I'll send you an im.



your biggest fan... storm