Thursday, November 30, 2006

~•~•~•~ hOlidAy LimiTeD eDitiOnS oN tHe wAy ~•~•~•~

ok, my second attempt at this post...

my holiday limited editions ARE still coming out, sorry to those of you who im'd me and then i crashed, not being able to answer. i am having some serious crashing issues in SL, so i had to post here.

so yes!!! "ice princess glowy gown" (not real name) ISSSSSS coming with SPECIAL jewerly pieces and custom shoes!!!! yup, from some AMAZING designers ;) hehe... can't tell yet tho...

and YES, there's still the fluff, fur and all those goodies i promised ;)

ALSO, not only am i doing the one, there are 2 more, which will be really pretty and i hope you like them.

so that's the scoop...

oh and i'm glad you all are enjoying the sparkly, glowy, rotating snowflakes!!! yay! i am so into the winter ice look this year and it's been a hoot and so much fun to skate with so many of you out in front of the store.

ok, wish me luck in getting back in SL with no more crashes :( i want to get these out to you soon! but remember christmas is still awhile away, and the parties wont start for a bit, so hang tight!!!



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Anonymous said...

OMG, your limited is AMAZING. Thank you for the sneak peak... I LOVE it and can't wait to get it...

get ready people, it's really something.

(name withheld so Callie doesn't get mad ;P)


your biggest fan