Thursday, December 7, 2006

caLLie and cars???

it's with great excitement that i make this announcement. i am embarking on an exciting new venture in conjunction with PONTIAC'S "motorati" sim, and will be doing a brand extension of my "checkered flag girlz" to develop the "motorati girlz"!

this will be a very exciting project and the "motorati girlz" will have a "headquaters" on PONTIAC'S "ride" sim. if you don't know much about the sims, (6 in all) you should really go take a look at it, there's going to be a lot of fun happening there, with clubs, shops, race tracks, drag strips, an amusement park, drive in theater and so much more. it's a sim that celebrates the car culture and with the past, present and future of automobiles, there will be a lot to experience! it's in the building stages now, but you can feel the energy and excitement!

i'll tell you more in the coming days about this, but for now, know that i'll be looking for official "motorati girlz" to appear at events to wave "checkered flags", appear in promotional items, model the "motorati girlz" clothing line, and so, so, so, much more!

i will also be looking for "official" sponsors for the "m girlz" for hair, shoes, and more... so if you're interested in that, give me a hollar! so far we will be partnering with the "ASPIRE" modeling agency for some fun events, we couldn't be more excited to work with their fine team.

so... the fun is about to begin... are you ready girls? cars aren't just for the boys! we're gonna have a great time!

wanna take this ride with me?

i'm ready are you?!




Ally Geer said...

Waves checkered flag!!!! :P

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a riot! What a fantastic opportunity, Callie! Can I wave a checkered flag too? *grins impishly*


Anonymous said...

Count me in! I'd love to be a flag girl too Callie! *smiles brightly at the thought of being perched between two roaring engines*

Ember Farina said...

I know I'm a few months late however if anything comes up in the future I'd be interested too :) I'm Ember Farina in game. Thanks