Friday, February 16, 2007

•••• FIRST RELEASE from iVillage fashion week show NOW AVAILABLE!!! •••••

wow, it's been WILD AND CRAZY buidling a sim, working on lost of FUN projects (to be announced SOON) and now i'm finally proud to present my "army baby" in platinum AND the BEST PART....


amazingly crafted by jackal ennui of "Lassitude & Ennui"

this is the first set to be released and it's all priced at an introductory price for the whole set. done in platinum and diamonds with leather on the cuff the set includes:

• bangle in small/med/large •
• drop earings with 1ct. diamond stud •
• choker in large and med •
• leather and monogram cuff with 2k diamonds •

this set was worn with the new army baby in the iVillage fashion show and got some rave reviews, yay! i hope you all like it. i wore the new gurl 6 "paige 2" hair which i modded to match the outfit.

skin, by nevermore.

more colors in the jewelry to come next week as well as more show releases!!!

•••••••••••••• AVAILABLE AT MY SHOP IN PLUSH LAMBDA, top in my picks •••••••••••••

xoxo, caLLie

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