Saturday, February 24, 2007

new photo shoot for OMG calendar... and a GREAT new build!!!

i decided to share a few pics i took of a photo shoot i did earlier for OMG magazine's calendar. OMG is a cool mag in SL that is growing in readership and covers everthing from guns, gadgets, music, racing and FASHION!!! yay!

they are also the "official" magazine of pontiac's motorati island, and korbin king, the editor has done a fine job managing the mag as it grows.

i'm wearing shorts and a shirt from my new store "tomboy" soon to open!!! yay, we've been working on it for a long time, tuli asturias and i, with jackal ennui who made some awesome stuff, and even six kennedy, made us some cool hair exclusively for the "tomboy" brand...

oh and also, i shot these pics at the new tableau, which is a MUST visit!!! i was driving thru in my real cool old truck, and i needed some gas AND... the pumps weren't working!!! so i was hoping to see someone drive by who could perhaps give me a bit of fuel to make it back to caLLiefornia!!! no one ever came, so... my truck is still there somewhere!!!

the new tableau iis really a fun build, desert like, dry, tumble weeds too, and little surprizes around every corner... i met a customer there, who showed me a shop hidden in a "meat locker" and really, it's so cool... you must go see it... also, it's the home of paper couture which is looking GREAT!

ok so here are the pics, i think one of them will be in the calendar, i'll let ya know when i know more!



oh P.S. keep those pics coming for the "lag, bugs and bork" contest!!!! winner announced next week!

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