Thursday, April 12, 2007

caLLiefornia update!!! (still on our way!)

well after a few bumps in the road, a few flat tires, being mobbed by some bandits, stopping at some rest stops, visiting a few friends, and stuff like that, i'm back on the straight and narrow and next stop will be "caLLiefornia"!

the trip has taken a lot longer than i thought it would, but so much stuff has happened... just unexpected stuff, good and bad, (mostly GREAT) so...

here's a quick update!!!

• all clothing shown at the ivillage will be released in the new shop (in more colors than shown)
• tomboy opens soon! (in caLLifornia)
• caLLie cLine "home" will open with the sim, i'll be announcing my amazing partner soon in this venture!
• exclusive events and fun surprises for group members!
• mainLine, shoreLine, timeLine, and more "Lines" to be launched... "hairLine?" hehe
• very exciting announcements in the next 2 weeks.
• jewelry, accessories and shoes when sim opens
• "members only" sim access areas
• big new "motorati girLz" beach club and resort on motorati sims!!! whoo hoo!
• more fun stuffies!!! hehe... god i wanna tell so bad!!!! *zips mouth*
• LOTS of opportunities for my great CAL GAL group... and the KIA SORORITY SISTERS group....

we're so excited, a bit behind schedule, and when we open, it won't be perfect, but that's ok... cuz we're itching to go!

thanks to all of you who continue to write, encourage, "wait" and be "patient"... honestly, i am honored to have so many great customers and colleagues, and 'it's gettin' betta all the time'... so many of you inspire me, and i hope you know how much that means.




Claudine Jewell said...

wooohhooo callie great news im really saving my lindens now hehe thanks for the update im excited

~*~ said...

Congrats!! Can't wait!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Awesome news callie. You prolly don't even remember me, but I met you at your shop about 6 months ago, you gave me $1000L and bunch of your clothes and were so sweet. You also gave me some photo tips and now I'm actually making money in SL taking picutures! I sorta lost touch with what you're doing, but I'm happy to read all this! I'll talk to you soon!

tangie ;)

caLLie cLine said...

omg r u arvella tangerine???? if so i remember YOU!!! how could i ever forget!!! please im me!!!



p.s. if not, sorry!! i can't remember a tangie ;)