Thursday, May 3, 2007

almost home...

i'm almost beside myself to make this announcement....

with the opening of my new sim in a few weeks, i will be opening my "home" store. some of you know, my first "creations" in SL were candles, rugs, tables, pillows, and i've always carried a few mirrors, rugs, and pillows... but it's been a dream to one day collaborate with one of SL's talented builders, (since i really can't make much) and get to collaborate on making furnishings, homes, buildings, and really everything to do with physical surroundings...

and never did i think, i'd meet someone as wonderful, talented, kind, fun, hardworking, professional, and talented as MADDIE CAMUS, my new parter for "caLLie cLine home" or simply "home". if you have never heard of her, she's and amazing builder & the owner of a quaint small shop called Elysium, and one day i had the good fortune of stumbling upon her work... some how we connected, oh ya, i wanted to put some of her stuff for sale on my sim... and now, yay!!! we're partners!!!

do i sound excited??? cuz i am.... i love people who are commited to their craft, enjoy the unchartered waters of collaboration, and like to have fun in the process!!! and yay!!!

well here's a sneak peak of ms. mad maddie, on some stuff we did together, and i can't wait to show you some more of what we've been working on!!! soon!!! very soon!




Claudine Jewell said...

thats great news callie now i need some extra prims loool
have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

wow callie how exciting! i love your rugs and candles and your have bought have your mirrors and pillows in my houses.

this is so exciting and i can only imagine the new stuff to be wonderful.

congrats gal. oh btw, i checked out maddie's shop! now i really can't wait!



Anonymous said...

Hi Callie, what shoes are you wearing in the pic on the deck chair?

caLLie cLine said...


that's not me!!! it's maddie, i can ask her what shoes they are, they are cute huh?

i'll try to remember and ask her!!!