Thursday, May 31, 2007

ALMOST TO caLLiefornia!!!! yay!!!

flat tires, bandits, detours... ya ,the list goes on, but on sunday caLLiefornia will officially be opening!!

i'm calling it the "ready or not here we come" opener cuz, well, just never know... couldn't upload today, crashed a zillion times, but hey, i'm EXCITED anyway!!! no lil buggers are gonna stop us!

that means... tomboy will finally open, with fun stuffies!!!! especially the sneakies (sneakers) and the bead necklace that you can program to say whatever you want!!!

also, "mainLine" will be open, but not much will be in there... yet... that will come soon tho....

and my ::home:: store will be opening!!! yay! and my whole store and most all the sim is decorated with the furniture, so that's exciting!!!

and we have a club, "caffeeine au go-go" which i have no clue how to spell caffeine???? but it's cool too!!! and well lil more things... but finally here is the invite, everyone is invited, and though it's a work in progress, it will be nice to finally open the doors and see people!!!

can't wait!



p.s. kiana is opening Dulce Dal Mare right next door too! yay! oh, and i just now have so much more admiration for all of my colleagues who have opened sims, OMG i had NO clue how much work it was/is, etc... i have even more respect for you all now... and don't know how you all did it.


Anonymous said...

I *love* the graphics work on your Tomboy ("for the other girl in you"). I'm excited and look forward to your new shop!

Alphabet Qi said...

Everything is gorgeous! I had such a lovely time at the opening--thank you for throwing such a fun party, and being such a gracious host. Congratulations on your big day! (You must be exhausted!!)