Sunday, May 27, 2007

caLLiefornia, almost there!!!

yay! we will be opening, no matter what, next sunday!!! it's been a long time, we're not as ready as we'd like to be, but we will be opening "caLLiefornia" and "dulce dal mare" (kiana's sim)... SL has not been kind, we've had parts of our buildings just "vanish" and more troubles than i care to bother you all with.

but it's time to open... not sure what all will be finished (depends on the SL mood) but there should be some new stuff, the home store, tomboy, maLiboo cove, mainLine, and a few other things on caLLiefornia... Kiana has her own suprises.

we're gonna have our opening on Sunday, we'll have give aways, free gifts for all, music, and dancing, and i REALY want a jumper!!! (you know like a kids blow up trampoline thingy) but not sure about that.

i'll keep ya posted during the week, i just hope SL is cooperative and let's us do stuff like edit, upload textures, and all that stuff we need to do...

but no matter what, we will open... ready or NOT!

can't wait to meet a lot of you, and i'll post more during the week.



p.s. ty so very much to everyone who's sent kind words and well wishes, you all are so kind and your support means a lot.

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