Friday, June 8, 2007

buBbLes • bOOts • bathing suits • and bits of info!!!

hi quick post... here is new stuff out in my new shop on sim "caLLiefornia"... since search wasn't working, and all that sorry to all of you who didn't have landmarks... it's in the top of my PICKS, and i think some ppl could get there from the map!!!

ok first a quick list:

1. the v-tech monies have all come in, i'm gonna total that up and give it next week, i'll keep you posted. (due to a loss of 6k items in my inventory :( i don't have many photos for the collage, so i won't be doing that unless my stuff comes back, i SO hope it does.

2. the "ruth" shirt contest winners will be announced still, IF their photos are in my inventory, (those went in a diff folder)

3. i've lost most all note cards, so if you sent an important one, please do again!!!

ok for the new stuff out now... my signature monogram boots which are hot, stylish and i love them!!! they were crafted by the talented livie galileo and we worked HARD to get the just right... i love how they turned out... they come in 2 heights, high, (shown) and a bit lower, for smaller avs or a different look. i like to wear both, more boots coming soon!

my signature swimsuit ensemble that comes with the hat and flexi scarf (jewelry sold seperately) i made this in a bunch of colors that were requested :) this was from the i village show way back when, and now just in time for summer fun! it's a bit on the "cruise" side of swimwear, and looks smashing out by the pool or on that cool new cruise ship! comes with a wide brimmed hat to protect your delicate skin, lol.

and finally the BUBBLE is finally out in more colors than orignally planned mostly due to tons of requests... i even made a wild and crazy max pack for those of you who want to tint the bubble to your hearts delight! i made a snowcone looking one, and it was funny. they match shiny things dare shoes and lola's and will be in her shop as well!!!


that's all for now... more to come next week including more "caLidescope eyes", some fun little dresses, some summer short outfits, and who knows what else!!! oh ya, shoes, and jewelry too, and... just more stuff!!!

it's been fun to see so many of you at the shop, again sorry for the tp troubles... oh and tomboy is ready to open, so look for that next week!!!





Claudine Jewell said...

im in love with the swimsuit and the bubble dress im looking forward to the eyes.....the shoes of course and the jewelery yay counting days lol

~*~ said...

WEWT!!! You finally put out the bathing suit! I've been in love with that since the Ivillage show!

Anonymous said...

Those monogram boots look to die for, Callie. I like that they have style and detail, without being clunky. /hugs

Unknown said...

woot!! I adore that bathing suit. :))

Gillian Waldman said...

I picked up the boots and adore them :)

caLLie cLine said...

thanks girLies!!! i love when i hear feedback from you all...

on the blog or inworld, i'm glad you like the stuff! more on the way!


hugggs all...



Anonymous said...

I would just like to take time too thank the posters for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.