Thursday, July 5, 2007

••• girLs & guys on fiLm •••

the tours are going FANTASTIC (update on motorati girlz blog) and this video launced today as the tours run until the end of july... it's been AWESOME to meet new people on the tours and WONDERFUL to have some friends join too (more on that later!)


this is a fun little promo video made for the motorati tours... we had so much fun making it!

this is the first showing of this video and it will soon be a bunch of places, i have no idea where, but i HAD to share it with you all first!! (or i know i'd get those "caLLie why didn't you tell us???" im's ;)

this is an orignal "motorati girLs/caLLie cLine" song, (yeah we've got a band!) and we are excited for you to see it!

ok, the "actors" in the video are: (in order of appearance)

kiana dulce (who plays drums if you look real quick, dances, and drives with me)
ally geer (dancer and rockin' guitarist)
(in background, billy geer, shiryu musashi, amanda shihi dancing in club)
bianca darling (dancing)
shane hornet (dj, and dancing)
malcolm mainline (dancing)

the footage was shot by shiryu musashi, and me, (ya i learned how sorta)... it was edited by poindexter vauthers III, and made for pontiac!!!

thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this, we had so much fun and i can't wait to do more!!! gosh we have enough footage to make a feature film, lol... hugggs everyone, you're the best.