Friday, August 10, 2007

pontiac, press, and "spokes-avatar"????

hi, i've been keeping a little secret for a few months now, but this week it was announced in the avastar...

i have offically partnered with pontiac to be their "spokes-avatar" for SL and RL work. it's really a surreal thing to me, in that, it was such a new concept they didn't know what to really call me. but they came up with "spokesavatar"...

i have completely enjoyed my work with them since i first got a little plot of land on motorati, and this signing is very near and dear to my heart for a few few reasons, the most touching is that my RL grandfather drove a pontiac firebird for years which i ended up getting, and he adored that car. he was an imigrant from italy and believed in buying "american" no matter what because he was so very greatful for this country and the opportunities he got when he moved here at 40. he was by far the most wonderful, loving, giving, expressive, fun and kind man i have ever met... and he LOVED his "pontiac!"

so to be signed with them, working for them, is a real honor and blessing. they also work with people like matt dillon and other REAL celebrities so this is just very surreal for me.

my first job was the maxim tours, which started with a bang with a 2 page ad in maxim, rovion work , voice overs, and other stuff that was so much fun, oh and a little promo video... not sure all i'll be doing in the future... been doing some press, but i'll keep you posted.

i love how pontiac came into SL, which is why i had no reservations in partnering with them. they have been respectful of the SL community since day one and because of that, have enjoyed and created a thriving community on motorati islands...

ok well that's all for now about that... i just had to publicly annouce this as it was just written about in the avastar.



oh and they made me a special metalic light pink solstice too!!!! (signing bonus???) and it's a great car that i love!!! (you can see it out in front of my beach club there on the velocity sim)