Thursday, September 20, 2007

modern martini now available!!! and more "beans" coming SOON!!!

i'm so excited about this new set. it's a "menu driven" set which means, there are multiple poses male and female, and some fit both, so you're not stuck with just one pose.

you can see in these photos below the various poses!!! and colors, comes in red, black and white that is TINTABLE, so you can make your own custom color!!!

come see these and more at the ::home:: store in caLLiefornia, right to the left of my main shop (top of my picks)

the sets are affordable, stylish, mod and fun!!!

the "love beans" have been a fun addition, and more "beans" coming soon!!! look for "wild beans", "boo beans", "cool beans" and even a "3 bean salad" soon! (we're growing beans like mad! or should i say like mad maddie???)



p.s. all ::home:: furniture is eco & prim friendly! ;)
p.s.s. thanks to ana and steven for chilling for the photos with me!!!