Tuesday, September 18, 2007

reflections... the generosity of some blows me away.

as summer is ending, i've been reflecting on RL, SL, and the goodness found in both...

i just wanted to say, i was incredibily touched by the efforts of some amazing SL folks who hosted an event, not to raise money, not to attact attention or traffic, or anything but for one purpose..

to lift the spirits and support a dear friend of their's "kimber" who was lying in a hospital in scotland, and who due to fighting a deadly disease of cancer, could not be in SL much, nor participate in RL for that matter.

i was invited to just "come" to the event, to show support, and it turned into a bit more, which i won't go into, but i will say, thank you to justine babii, celebrity trollop, and all my cal gals who came to part of the event and gave their support to this young gal.

this is what excites me most about SL... and RL... using those lives to touch other ppl.

this was exceptional because again, it was not about raising money, traffic, or anything... just a way to let kimber know she is loved and cared for.

(she had a computer at the hospital for the duration of the event, tho she slept most of the time)

i don't even have a photo to post, it doesn't seem appropriate as this event was just for her, but we all had a fun time, and again, thanks to everyone who was involved, and who coordinated this. i could not have been more proud to be a citizen of SL than on that night.

god bless you all.