Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"mix-n-mashup™" cuz i just felt like it

i've been having so much fun with the new stuff, (to be blogged later) but ever since my early days in SL, my favorite thing was mixing and matching, and modding, i didn't have much and most of it consisted of the "irish lady dress", lol (yes look in your inventory, it's there)

so for a long time i've been doing "mix-n-mashups™" of different things i've made and i decided as i would put some of the outfits i create out for sales every so often...


just cuz i feel like it... for today, the "mix-n-mash-up™" might be cuz "the devil made me do it" but who knows, whatever my reason, when i feel inspired, i'll do one and sell it as is.

so this one will be out later today!