Wednesday, November 7, 2007

new yummy flexi, fluffy spotted "rainbowas™" and a newspaper girl...

i put together another "mash up" today called "newspaper girl" cuz it reminded me of what i might wear to go out for coffee, sit and read a newspaper, or a book, or magazine, but cuz of the black & white, i named it newspaper. (i really probably wouldn't read the newspaper cuz i hate getting black ink on my fingers and they are very big and hard to manage for me, so there ya go...)

hope you like the outfit though! it's on the left of my shop right when you walk in the door and priced at only $199!!! (hat, skirt, knit sweater, collar, fat belt, and glitch pants)

then i made a TON OF NEW SPOTTED RAINBOWAS™.... here are a few of the colors... there's like 30 in all, but just a dozen out now... they really look smashing on, and feel warm and cozy.

hope you're having a great week...