Thursday, December 13, 2007

beLLa!!! beLLa!!! beLLa!!! beLLa!!! beLLa!!!

i have so much to release, but some RL things have set me back a bit... so i'll try to get them out bit by bit this week. (my limited edition gown is about packed up to go as well, i love it and it comes with the most AMAZING jewelry and collectors jewelry box by Sue Stonebender... watch for that soon, only 80 or 85 will be sold)

this dress i named after my grampa whom i always miss this time of year. it's not really "wintery" but it is in ice cream flavors... his favorite, pistachio, strawberry and vanilla... he was italian, and when ever he saw me he'd grab my face and kiss it and say, "bella, bella, bella...." (he was italian) and that means pretty ;)

so here they are...

in my main store in caLLiefornia, top of my pics, also lots of freebies in the tree.... and around.



* worn with shiny things "dare" pumps and "calla" hair... custom nevermore skin.