Monday, December 17, 2007

Diamond Dust Limited Edition Gown

it's finally out, and group got their notice just a bit ago...

the "Diamond Dust" Limited Edition boxed set comes with a lovely set of jewels in a chest by sue stonebender, the jewelry chest is scripted and a limited edition and actually is a storage chest... the dress also comes with the classic EVA diamond pumps by L&E (lassitude and ennui) and amazing shoes by ZHAO, limited Diamond Dust shoes... (created by Melanie Zhao)

the dress, comes with 3 flexi skirts, gloves, glitch pants in 2 lengths, system skirt in 2 lengths, glove toppers, sleeves, prim top attachment and the optional diamond dust belt.

it can be worn many ways... this dress inspired me to write a little poem as it sorta had a story behind it, of a young girl who dreamt of a kind prince by day who came to her at night, bearing a chest of the most perfect diamonds & precious pearls ever found... but, his true love was her dream and the real gift...

She wished upon a star
and dreamed until the dusk
Her wish was found within
the glowing diamond dust

so it's... the Dress, the Diamonds, the Dream... and the love...

for purchase in my main shop, display in center where you can see the jewels and shoes, and in back the boxed gown, 85 total, and on the back wall, large photos of the gown in many variations.



credits: male model, frolic mills of Best of SL magazine, skin, Nevermore by Santana Lumiere, Hair, Armidi in the Silver ad, "swept, by gurl six, calla, and suggestive by gurl six) eyes in large photo: caLidescope eyes, caLLie cLine.