Wednesday, December 5, 2007

tagged again!?! ok LAST time

i've been tagged like 25 times.... but i'm only doing this once more, hahaha. it's been fun to actually read other people's things...

ok... the rules... 8 random things... blog em, tag 8 ppl...

1. i am a TOTAL beatles freak, fan, lover... i can't believe the amazing depth, creativity, fun, sillyness, and everything they poured into their music. early beatles i'm not as fond of as the later stuff, abbey road being probably my most favorite... tonight i heard "hey jude" in a whole new way, what a song full of wisdom, and wow, just never heard it that way. my life long dream was to write a song with paul mc cartney. i almost met him when i got taken back stage like 2 years ago for taking photos at the concert, but i didn't, :( i met his very nice road manager though.

2. most people i know consider me very lucky. like i've won a lot of contests, and stuff like that. once i won a chance from a radio station to be one of 98 people to pick a key out of a jar one of which opened the doors to a black porsche. i was number 97, so i never thought i had a chance to win... i was right NUMBER 96 WON!!!! i was shaking as i stood there being one of the last 3.

3. i love the taste of your arm after being at the beach all day, and then, like licking it, and tasting the salt. (i know it's weird, but i accidently did it one time and it was cool)

4. i used to pick up hitchikers or people who's cars broke down when i was a young girl, even if they were men, i felt i needed to help ppl... boy was i stupid, luckily, i never had anything bad happen.

5. i'm sorta witty at times, and lively, and energetic... like at family things, but after a bit, i MUST be alone and quiet, too much stimulation is overwhelming sometimes for me.

6. my senses are very sharp. this is a blessing and a curse.

7. i can play a bit of piano, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and enough to compose on and produce and enough to annoy "real" musicians.

8. i once owned a ford falcon convertible 1963, i named her ruby, she was white with red interior. i loved that car... and wish i still had it.

ok that's all i tag............................ NO ONE ELSE!!!!! and i'm done!!!! ;)