Tuesday, January 1, 2008

hApPy nEw yEAr!!! resolutions, reflections & of course... raMbLing!


i'm sorta a bit goofy in that on certain holidays, like thanksgiving and new years, and easter, christmas, valentine's day, fourth of july, groundhog's day (great movie btw) i often take time and reflect and stuff like that... (of course i exaggerated!!!)

hahhaha, mostly thanksgiving and new years and my birthday...

so today, i've been doing that... thinking about which resolutions i will make that i plan on keeping... reflecting in ALL lives on the last year, and rambling!!! which i know i can do!!! hahaha.

if i knew how to do a cut, i would right now so you all don't have to see this on the feed but alas, i do not know how.

i know i won't resolve to become more computer savvy, as that would so eat into my creative side... so i'll keep being slow at things like that, hahha.

ok now on a more serious note... if possible... lol...

2007 started with a bang, being asked to be in the ivillage fashion show with paper couture and simone... i'll never forget the excitement of being asked, working to make some new stuff, and doing the show... it was a wonderful experience i'll never forget... i had a quite wonderful year in SL, as far as my business goes... opening "caLLiefornia", and "tomboy", and "home"... having the super cool honor of being in Maxim's Hot 100, signed with Pontiac, being involved in some cool charity events, the Loreal pageant, learning finally to make a flexi skirt i had the guts to release!!! yay!!! making a bow out of prims!!! yay!!! and just so many other unexpected and really awesome things.

i consider my adventures in SL to be super exciting, and i often feel like i'm caught up in a whirl wind and i have NO idea where i will end up next... that is perhaps the most fun about my journey there. so much possibility... so much... endless really... just like RL... and to me the two are one... SL for me is just one way i get to experience RL, and for my line of work (RL) it's exciting as in SL one can really do a lot more as far as getting a business going and all that, putting product out for immediate retail sale (try THAT in RL) and that is quite incredible. no distributors, middle men, agents, publishers, buyers, blah, blah, blah ers....

i'm really thankful that i have had the honor of meeting new friends this year, deepening friendships with older friends, seeing some of my first customers SOAR in their businesses!!! YAY... and just being able to meet so many kindhearted people from all over the world... WHERE else can one do that on a daily basis???

i'm very very excited for 2008 for so many reasons... new business ventures, redoing my SIM, yay!!! focusing on a few high priority projects and of course... staying in the whirlwind of adventure, possibility and fun. (of course with hard work too)

i'm proud of so many whom i have seen just take off and soar with their talents, and i would even name a few but i KNOW i would leave out so many and so i'll NOT even go there... but i will say, the ones who have really inspired me are ones who seem to just exude love, life, giving, and they have inspired me to make my theme for 2008 "aLways Love"... i put it on a mug in my shop in a box for free, and i hope to approach each endeavor i do with that in mind.

i don't mean, hearts and mushy feelings when i say love... i mean the kind of love that seeks to serve, be of service, and that approaches each person, deal, and conversation with a posture of "giving". sometimes that means saying NO to great opportunities knowing one is not the best for the other person's needs, and always for me, it has ended up being the best way to deal with anything.

so i am seeing that i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rambling!!! but i said, resolutions, reflections AND ramblings so you WERE warned!!!

feel free to im me and let me know how to add a cut, hahaha.

oh btw.. as far as caLLie cLine my store goes...

look for...

more contests!!! (like ones i never did but have ready??? 'waves to falloutboy ajax')
more collaborations
more fun
more "compassion in fashion"
and more!!! hahah. ok so much for focus right????

so many ideas and things to do... so little time.

anyway, if you got this far... WOW!!! happy new year to you and heck im me for a free gift.. you deserve something for reading all this!!!

don't know what it will be, i'll just drag out something from my inventory so NO ONES WILL BE THE SAME!!!

hahaha i know i'm a nut.

love to you all and to your families... and may your next year be FULL of as much love, joy, peace and all the stuff money can't buy, yet, is priceless!!