Friday, February 1, 2008

"skinny minny" tintable mini skirts

some new fun simple mini skirts. flexi, fit well (hooked to a belt like part and NO between your body and the belt) and come in 7 prints so far with a pair of "system" colorable pants so you can tint the color to match your skirt. I decided to go with system pants anyone can make because some of my customers who tried these liked to wear them really low, and others higher. so this lets you move the waist up or down and legs too.

they are a "basic" type skirt for your wardrobe, flexi, pleated and you can mod them as needed. they come 2 in a pack, (one is the ad color, one is in Black and white) are copy/mod. and priced at just $123L

available on the back wall of my shop in calliefornia (top of my pics!) enjoy! xoxo, caLLie

other items worn:

skin: custom "hybrid 2" by nevermore studios
shoes: armidi
hat: ::69::
spotted rainbowa: caLLie cLine
face light: "fLawLess face" caLLie cLine
hair: etd (lydia)
eyes: "caLidescope eyes" caLLie cLine

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Anonymous said...

Simple and always...note to self: trip to Calliefornia : )