Tuesday, June 3, 2008

rotting in jail....

it's been a LONG time since i've posted... i've been uber busy with projects and stuff... this weekend was great for so many reasons... one was the RFL event at the Haute Couture sims... i had the honor (?) of sharing my cell with moxie and forda... (the HSC & co owners) and it was a lot of fun.

there were a lot of ppl there having a blast for the cause and all the teams raised over $7500. usd in one day!!! how cool is that?

just to be a tiny part of such an enthusiastic and dedicated group is very exciting... here are a few photos i took!!!

someone said... "your friend will bail you out of jail... your real friends will be in there with you!" so yay! a few joined us!!! i think forda was sleeping or weary from lack of food & water.

we did little dances, and whatever it took to get our bail goal met... did we??? uh... not gonna tell... :)

the always "loving" and ready to party "caL gaLs" showed up to lend their support for the cause!!! i LOVE my group and how much they let me bug them.... (also... moxie and forda gave out great dresses to anyone who donated!) that was a big draw!!!
love you gaLs!!!

i'll post more about my amazing weekend in a bit!!! for now... signing off!!! hope you all are doing great!!



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