Monday, July 7, 2008

caL gaL's party down @ SL5B last day!!!

sometimes blunders lead to fun!!! i had invited my girls to pick up a great freebie made by fellow (fellow???) "caL gaL" summer seale, but for some reason the vendor didn't let them get the freebie!!

lovely haydin & me with our digital darkes caLLiefornia vintage scarves....

ack! i hate it when that stuff happens, so with a lot of eager and UNDERSTANDING girls there... i sent my whole group a bikini for the mix up, then summer logged in!!! and came down and a few of us got on the dance balls and hung out there for awhile... of course i always talk about how much i love my group and how special they are, and they REALLY are! kind, fun, funky, generous, understanding!!!! (ty girls) and anyway we had a fun time, even ms. bianca darling came down to boogie with us!!! yes the queen herself ;)

a great way to end a very fun 2 weeks... and here are some pics taken in the "skybox" part of my exhibit... the sims are open until tonight at midnight so if you haven't gone.. GO!!!!

you can still get some cool freebies at my exhibit like the scarfs Haydin and I have on... and you KNOW you want a caLLie bobble head and "sez" dispenser now don't you???? ok fine, the GRIM BABIE??? ok fine, then you want the coffee MUG and ash tray!!!



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