Monday, July 28, 2008

frEEibE gEEbiE week going strong!!!

it's been a great time so far since caLLie officially started the "frEEbiE gEEbie" week for her group. (you can join free as well to take part)

the "caL gaLs" have contributed a lot of great items as well as some of caLLie's friends like designers, digit darkes, eshi otawara, stephanie misfit, charlotte bartlette, phaylen fairchild, camilla of insolence, and more! the list keeps growing as more people join and want to share.

so far there are 7 gift boxes (i think) scattered around her new store, and more will be added today! everything from clothing, to DISCO GOBLETS by charlotte bartlette! (those are coming!)

take a ride over to caLLiefornia and join "caL gaL" to join in on the fun.

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