Monday, August 11, 2008

birthday weekend, week, month, life...

ok this may be one of those "uh why is caLLie posting this?" type of posts... well who knows maybe all my posts are like that to some of you, hahaha, *eg* but well...

in my family birthday's were always special, it meant lots of family, friends, and great music, food and PRESENTS!!!!! as a young child i loved my birthdays, and as i got older i sorta didn't like being fussed over as much, but enjoyed more seeing old friends and new and enjoyed more low key type things.

i've never had a rezday or birthday party in SL... and this year i am going to!!!!! yay!!! i have had so many people offer to host a party, even build stuff on an empty sim which was so kind of them, and after much thought, i decided to have my party at one of my favorite places in sl... but i can't tell just yet, lol... ok so wait, what does that have to do with anything???

oh yeah, lol... well since my birthday is on sunday, and since sundays sorta suck for birthdays, (well not as bad as mondays) we used to do this thing where it would be your birthday "weekend" if your birthday was on a sunday or any week day... so if you couldn't celebrate on the DAY it still felt ok.

then i thought, hmmm, cuz i like to be a bit bratty and spoiled, "why not a birthday week?" which seemed great to me!!! then i got a bit brattier and would joke and say "hey it's my birthday month!!!' and one of my BESTEST friends replied "heck, it's your birthday LIFE!" which actually sounded quite nice to me.

ok so all joking aside... i do LOVE presents, but more than that, really i love seeing ppl i love in BOTH lives, the last 2 years i have spent my RL birthday ALONE... (i was out of town at a resort alone and my guests hadn't arrived) but did celebrate the day "after" with people. (the "alone" birthdays were special in their own way, phone calls, gifts sent, etc... so it's not like i talked to no one, and actually i enjoyed them very much, being around people at a spa and talking to strangers who didn't know it was my bd, quite the opposite of the "fussy" parties my family would have often, so i liked it a lot)

this summer i'm in town and i'm gonna celebrate in BOTH worlds with the people who mean so much to me... life is sorta short, and time flies by, and i am so thankful... and NO this post does not have a product attached to it, no sale, no new stuff...

but... on my birthday i think i will make a little present to give to all of you who did, have, and truly do touch my life everyday, every week, every month and every year!

yay!!! and that's it!



p.s. oh now i only do 'birthday week' unless i'm feeling particularly bratty, but i'm not today :)