Friday, August 8, 2008

a few updates :) - time flying, a 77L sale and 8-8-8


wow, it's hard to believe it's august already!!! we're deep into summer and fall is just leering around the corner. living in a warm climate, i don't notice the season changes as much but i sure to notice time flying!!! i always seem to be so busy in all lives and often as i get ready to do a "new" project, i realize it's not "new" at all.

i've been working on my little "nekoture™" and "tit-4-tat™" brands and realized i first blogged about them LAST OCTOBER!!! i about fainted! just where does time go? do you all find it passing by as quickly as i do???

since opening my new store, (which is not done but sure has been fun) i've found oh about 80 unreleased things in my inventory from gowns to eyes to some other stuff, and some of the clothing was shown in shows MONTHS ago! i'm REALLLLLY glad SL is SL and NOT RL cuz you know we don't have "official" seasons and really we get to follow our own fashion trends as what's in today is out later in the day and back in tomorrow. or so it goes.

i'm just reflecting a bit and have to say i am VERY happy that we do NOT follow RL trends, well actually, RL has a hard time following trends too which i think is a great thing. if you're old enough to remember or have done any research you'll know at one point in time in fashion MINI was 'the' length of a skirt and EVERYONE did them. poeple waited to see "what the new black" was, and "WHICH" colors were the ones of the season.

i remember this year looking thru fall fashion mags and seeing everything from pale pastels to primary preschool colors to the predictable muted browns and rusts for fall, ALL FROM TOP DESIGNERS! and with mini's, maxis, long and every other skirt imaginable.

so why am i saying this?? i guess because as i've spent a lot of time this week with customers who have been chatting and wondering what's "in" and what's "out" and it's brought up some great discussions. we talked about "running" out to get the NEW shoes, hair, and skins often and seeing all our friends and other ppl with the same thing on, to just dump them a week or so later (or day) for the next new thing to all wear at the same time. we pondered about that and what's so "cool" about it? yes it's FUN to get the latest and greatest, but we also talked about how much fun it is to find the OLD great NEW stuff in our inventories put them on and have ppl say OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT???? only to tell them oh that's year old!!!

(i recently was wearing my naughty designs "beach hair" non flexi mind you, and have had MORE ppl ask "where did you get that new hair" than when i've worn NEW hair, lol) it's funny and a subject some of my good friends and i have discussed a lot.

i have more thoughts about all the "what's in and out" in sl... but for now i'll stop as i could go on and on and since i don't know how to do a cut yet, i don't want to have all this take up space in the feed.

(it would be nice to have only some posts hit the feed and some left for ppl who even care to read stuff like this)

well it's 8-8-8 and this will only happen once in my life time!!! i doubt i'll be around for 8-8-88 (never know) but it's supposed to be a lucky day!!!

have a great weekend...

and do something special at 8-8-08 at 8pm :)