Monday, September 29, 2008

signature line - citron lane in 3 colors

i'm really excited to finally release this dress. it was my first custom dress created for a dear girl i met in SL named, "citron lane". she asked me to create a dress for her wedding and though i was really scared, (i mean it was her WEDDING) i was excited as well as the photos she sent which she wanted were just very classy and elegant. i felt really inspired.

the gowns here are not her wedding dress, that will come out later, but these are a variation of her dress in other colors. this dress was in my spread in DEJA VU magazine, styled quite differently (yay for mod abilities) and also will also be appearing in a upcoming issue of MARIE CLAIRE magazine. :)

i hope you enjoy this dress... the colors were carefully selected so that you can mix the bows, skirt overlay, gloves and stockings from each color. each gown comes with the dress top, glitch pants, system skirt, bow, sheer overlay, pearl chest and arm attachments and the gold and crimson colors come with the noir bow, skirt overlay gloves and stockings as well. (just because i love that look too)

available in my main shop on the grand staircase, priced at 333L for a few days, then they will go to their normal price.