Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year & some reflections

2008 was a strange year for me for a lot of reasons. some of it was fantastic, some was really hard, and there were moments of great joy and pretty strong despair. it seemed to be a theme i saw in many of my friends' lives as well, everything from health issues to family problems, money, and most anything one can imagine. the constant theme was, "nothing is for sure except change" by nature at times i fight against change, other times i embrace it. sl seemed to see a lot of changes, and besides the technical ones which are always sort of annoying, i enjoyed seeing the creativity and diversity grow from fashion, to charities, education, art and more. there were a lot of firsts in 2008 for sl, which were so exciting to see and for the most part, i will have fond memories of this past year. meeting friends whom i hope to know for life, hearing stories from people behind those cartoon people we interact with, there are many touching things i experienced which i will never forget i don't think. personally i had some challenges like sl5b (trying to make something of some interest after losing my builder), to finally building a store that i think i can fit anything my ecclectic brain wants to create in, and a few other personal challenges business wise! saying NO! hehe... (always sorta hard)

i'm thankful for 2008 and honestly, thankful it's over. new years for me are like the first morning of spring, where you feel that warmth of the sun again on your face for the first time, and know that soon flowers will bloom, little baby animals will be born and those things which have been hidden away will come out for all to see, or wish to see them.

from the bottom of my heart i wish you all the very best for 2009.