Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Angel Love, and a 125L sale! gowns, lingerie, shoes, and everything!

a fun little outfit that's part of a bunch of stuff i've not put out yet, but anyway this is out now in my main shop! i also put a ton of red and pink stuff in the room to the left of the main door most stuff 125L and under including gowns :) and cute stuffies!

comes with:
a SKIRT with a huge stone that changes to 12 stones upon click
a pair of GLITCH PANTS to hide your privates
a pair of new WILD KICK SHICKERS IN ZEBRA with heart stones and little cute silver skulls (stone changing too)
a big ROCK RING with 12 stone choices
a BRACELET with black stones and diamonds
a SCARF with a nice zebra motif!
a pair of BLACK WINGS... to wear if you wanna!

and................ that's ALL!

so............... have a fab week you all



p.s. my group got the HUGEST ruby ring in SL... join if you want one, amuse your friends, defend yourself against your enemies! oh btw, the ring comes with this outfit... 12 stone choices too.. like the big heart on the skirt and little hearts on the boots... the freebie is just a big RUBY!!!!