Wednesday, April 29, 2009

scary kick shickers - NEW FUNKY BOOTS

well, i've had these for a while, lol, and have had them out, but forgot to blog them. they are fun boots with little silver skulls on them and heart shaped big gemstones that change stone on touch.

the look GREAT for daring elton john type glammy looks AND scary gothy stuff AND fun clubby looks and more :) also nice with black pants, top and a fun scarf. :)

i like to call it the "click-n-pick" system cuz i always think of lame silly things like that, well i don't think of them they just pop in my crazy head.

so if you want a cool pair of "kick shickers" with the "click-n-pick" changing system, head down to my shop and get them! (on the left table in the entrance)

look out for the 'slide-n-glide' coming soon. (yes it's G rated)

(can you tell my back feels better?)

ok well more news this week and new stuff and old stuff ive had made forever, and we'll see what else!