Monday, May 25, 2009

big thanks....

thank you to all the bloggers, readers and designers who participated in bloggers appreciation week. whether is was via the fashion blogger group, notices and party or done privately, there has been a ton of positive feedback from bloggers saying how great it was to feel appreciated.

i've heard so many amazing comments about how they were just blown away by notes, gifts, cards, kind words from designers each other and readers.. most of whom they had never met at all.

i had no clue there were 250 (and counting) fashion bloggers so the week just became much more than ever imagined. thank you to all the officers who worked tirelessly adding people, sending gifts, answering questions, and more... i know it was much more than any of us anticipated and you all just blew me away by your conscientiousness, professionalism and kindness... AND willingness to shift plans and a moments notice AND make amazing suggestions that really helped keep things going these people who gave gifts via the group, thank you...

CatniP, Opium, barerose, Cihuaé!, Cat Tracks, Stylissimo, DCNY, IBIZARRE, LeLutka, Shapely Designs, Tiny Bird, ROMP | Creve Coeur, Bax Boots, SXY2ND, Prelude Prefabs, Chaisuki, (Clio), Audacity, Hourglass Shapes and =HooT=, ** Angel Dessous ***, Pema in Pieces, *REBEL*, Fashion Nomads, creamy cooljoke, DM Designs, 50 Flats, Calla Cela, Lost Dreams, *Evie's Closet*, LaKira's Designs & TempT:, NISHI DESIGNS, bai bye,[chuchulet], {flowey}, HOC, IEVL, Aimesi Design, BabyMonkey, Shoefly, Stringer Mausoleum, Rfyre, Indyra Originals, {SMS} So Many Styles, Cyanide, ~LilyPads~, Pretties, Miss Muffett, Prism, Dulce Secrets, {Bingo}, (Elate!), Pffiou!, Stellar Designs, ~flirt~, lilith moriarty, *Ticky Tacky*, Kitty Otoole, Marlys, ICING, [MC], "YS & YS", nicky ree , Rara Avis, [lessthanthree], *Beauty Avatar Couture*, Maitreya, Pixeldolls, ! ~ CE ~ !, Prelude, (Nushru), Duh!, Rosie's thingies, Genesis, Magika, Adam n Eve, Sam's Secret boutique, Vanitas Vesture, Aurora Borealis, Philotic Energy, House of Heart, Baiastice, SYSY, Analise, The French Farm, Lemania Indigo, teagan blackthorne ~TL~, Eclectica, **Trubble**, Tuli, VPoses, Chav Paderborn, , Seduction, Inc., Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell, The Bittersweet Collection., :::MONO:::, A Piece of Candy, the Loft, seven ultra lounge, [S.LOVES], Zoe Demar , mhros baxton, sasha's designs & malt, insolence, & moonshine!

(if we left out anyone it's totally by mistake and not intentional)

also a HUGE thanks to the officers: willow zander, annessa stein, harper beresford, voshie paine, sexypandora bailey, winter jefferson, shelly toonie, tuli asturias, graciana macmillian, sharron schuman, gabby pancek, and if i left anyone out i am VERY sorry. im me and smack me on the head.(just be gentle)

special thanks to charlotte bartlett for the amazing job on the sim! (of scarlette creative)

ok well again thank you all for a great week and ty from all the bloggers to the bloggers, team, designers and readers!!!

til next year!

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