Wednesday, May 13, 2009


celebrity trollop really has been a huge influence in SL fashion for years. her Second Style blog was the FIRST fashion blog in sl (that we know of) and i believe she was the first person to ever blog my things.

it's so fun to look at these i chuckled as you know i only ever released 3 of my cocktail lounge dresses (retro) made about 25, then was off to the next thing, as usual sorta, lol... hey at least a stopped at 12 skull outfits!

here are 2 posts they did with my "cocktail lounge" line and one from my dear friend, the amazing antonia marat of artilleri!

ok take a peak and have a laugh!


oh this was an early blog (part of one from linden lifestyles, the 2nd SL blog, by a day!)

xoxo, caLLie

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