Sunday, June 7, 2009

neferia, goodbye for now but not forever

neferia and i playing dress up, i'm wearing her dress created for black swan, and visa versa.

neffie and me being puppet girls :)

well, i write this post with a happy heart, my dear friend neferia is such a blessing and joy to know that i can't help but smile as i write this. we have shared some very sweet dear times in sl, and this was one night we put on each other clothes and went to s fun sim and acted like silly happy girls. we talked many times about collaborating but our schedules never really opened up enough. we shared some fun sweet talks, showed each other photos of RL stuff, and she is truly one of the most dear people i have ever met in sl. i simple adore her. her kindness, artistry, love, encouragement, and authenticity. she was always there to encourage me, she was one of the very few who came to the opening of my sim. she supported me and i am proud to call her a true friend. i can't say enough about her, just a sweet wonderful person. i will miss her for now, but hope she will be back... and i wont ever forget her... COME BACK SOON MISS NEFFY! I'VE LOVED EVERY MOMENT WE HAD TOGETHER AND YOU HAVE ALL MY LOVE AND RESPECT!


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Ketsy said...

LOL, Love It! Reminds me of the night Nef and Brumm came to PIN UPS and we all got on the Stripper Poles!

Lovely post Callie! <3

~ Ketsy