Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 ladies dancing.... guess the ladies win 9 pressies!

for the 12 day of christmas event...
here is my little dancing dress with 9 of the most lovely ladies!
can you guess who they are?
if so... i'll give you a dress and 9 presents for you and your friends :)

the dress is available in my shop when you walk in! specially priced for this event!

oh here's the photo :) click to make it bigger :)

the dress comes with the sequin shrug and chest broach... it moves really snappy and is perfect for dancing! a little black "must have" for any dancing girls wardrobe. i love how each model styled her own! ok i'll give you ONE hint of who ONE model is!! it's ME! now 8 left!

go ahead and just leave it in comments... your other 8 guesses :)

xoxo, caLLie

1 comment:

Mavi Beck said...

other than you I can only recognize VOshie Paine and Mui Mukerji, the piccie is too small. I am blind!