Monday, January 18, 2010

GRID WIDE GIFT - the "GIVE" tank

each year i pick a theme for my brand, and while thinking about it over the holidays, the word that kept coming to me was "GIVE".  perhaps it was the realization over christmas that what a needed i already had, and the realization of just how blessed i was. wonderful family, friends, food & shelter, and some very nice "things" collected over the years, and when asked what i wanted for christmas, there was honestly nothing i could think of that i wanted. (quite a difference from when i used to be able to make lists with tons of things)

i passed this shirt out to my group on the 3rd of january with a little message about the theme for this year, "GIVE".

to me it means anything at anytime with any resources we have. time, compassion, truth, love, understanding, service, i never thought of money, until the haiti quake.

so i had made this shirt, and wanted it to be a grid wide free gift as a reminder to "give" a bit this year when ever you can, which whatever you have... and for me a rule is always with "joy". (that can happen even when it's hard too)

anyway enjoy the shirt, tell your friends, it's free for all, and i hope you enjoy it. get it "HERE"



jeans: mine
tank: mine
ring: mine
boots: 69
hair: ember
skin: nevermore
pose: reel expressions

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