Wednesday, April 14, 2010

BARNESWORTH TALKS!!! hehe... he walks too and of course builds!!!

barnes and i had a great time on the designing world show talking about our pet homes n stuff. it was a rocky start due to SL issues... (i know huh?? can u believe it???) but in the end we had a FABULOUS time!

thank you SO much to all of you who wait SOO patiently to see us and hear BARNES SPEAK!! i know cool huh???

we had a FABULOUS response and it was SO much fun to hear from so many of you in IM!! hahaha. i tried to say hi to as many of you as possible but it was hard hahah.

anyway here are a few photos... and we've been invited back to be guests soon on the normal show!! yay, i can't wait!

IF you missed the live show... it will be up on treet tv in the next day or so...

here we are with the show's hosts, we had fun pre show singing beatles songs, hehe.

even tho i have to look down to talk to him, i look UP to him... see our matching shoes??? he gave me those after much asking years ago... aligator on them.. hmmm i guess it's fate we do animal housing!! hahah... NO u can NOT get these shoes anymore and i will NOT sell mine :)

again ty to all the views and the producers and owners of treet tv, we had a FAB time!!!

ooh uh... barnes is wearing all his own clothes n stuff, NO poses... comb over hair... 

i have on... my own little black dress, BA shoes, the rock ring, torrid AO stand, hybrid skin, psycho kitty tail and ears (ty obyri!) and a gritty kitty old choker with a swimming goldfish!!! oh and ember hair!


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