Tuesday, September 7, 2010

loving aledia...

2 years ago, a very sweet girl wrote me asking if i'd create a custom gown for her for the miss virtual world pageant. after speaking to her i just fell in love with her heart and after seeing a sample photo of something she liked as inspiration, i thought i would be able to really put my heart into making something for her. during fittings and styling times, we chatted a lot and i can say, became friends.

a little asian styling (i had on combat boots too)

the "miss denmark" then, is now a very creative designer and it's been SO great to see her creations. yesterday after getting her notecard, i wrote her to tell her how happy i was for her and we got to chatting and swapped out latest creations and I LOVED THIS DRESS SO SO SO MUCH i HAD to blog it.

styled for a casual night out dancing

i played with different ways to style it and got SO distracted i didn't finish my work. *shocker*
these were 2 i really liked. so i am showing you miss ALEIDA'S newest dress. and what i did with it.

look at that little zipper detail!!!

you can find it HERE! and it comes in a bunch of colors too :) it's called the BEHA dress. and the colors are FABULOUS!!! just LOOK!!!

LOVE these colors!!! 

well anyway, thanks miss aledia for the dress and a chance to tip my toe back into blogging which i have ALWAYS loved. (blogging other than my own stuff i mean!)


dress: ALEIDA
rocker chick belt: caLLie cLine
boots: bax coen
poses: custom and reel expression
hair: truth and LOQ
 tattoo: barerose
neclace: yabusaka
skin: nevermore 3 and myerna

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Unknown said...

Aleida rocks! She made some of my fav corset tops!