Sunday, September 19, 2010

METAMORPHOSIS - designers united 19 - one week only

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creating this dress was truly a metamorphosis.

it started as a man's white suit... then an evening gown, with a small butterfly broach...
that broach became a mini skirt option, then around that option i made a new bodice, and then a new top, sleeves and from one little gold butterfly this whole new dress emerged.

a fun and creative experiment.

here are a few other shots:

about the event:

“DUnltd19 is an extensional event of DU4 at SLOW sim between the dates of 19-26 September 2010.
It’s called “DUnlimited19 at SLOW” . We will host 19 designers each with one exclusive item. The items are made using one the following themes: Metamorphosis, 60s space age, Origami which are the second voted for DU4.”

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