Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10 day two... we're having a blast :)

WOW, yesterday was a really fun day for the kick off of the event! thanks to everyone who sent nice notes and im's and thank you for your enthusiasm!

today i'm showing one of the 110L items. this one from Indyra Originals. these can be found at any of the 10 locations and her 10L item is SOOOOOO cute! i bought it myself and LOVE it!

10-10-10 shoes
these shoes were made for the event and a full line at regular price in 12 colors will come out after the event so this is a great time to pick up a pair of classic meets funky meets cool shoes! they come with her hud to give yourself pedicures and all that stuff :)

i'm not sure where her 10L gift was... but it is SO cute. i think hmmm well i forgot! and we're not really supposed to tell anyway.

here's one more thing in keeping with our theme from Indyra :)

Indyra's under 10 minute thing to do:  Give a notecard to 10 people random people or people on your friends list reminding them they are beautiful just the way they are. (and don't put, "if you think i am too send it back to me" hahaha)

we hope you are all enjoying this event and feel free to pass along the word to anyone you want!  remember you can pick up all LM's for all the locations at any one location. Most inworld groups have sent photos of the 110L items to their groups and i'll continue to blog them as will some others!

have a great monday!

from callie and the 10-10-10 gang.

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