Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 more days to 10-10-10 - cuz it only happens once.

yay! in 3 days 10-10-10 will be here! it happens once every 100 years!

we'll have 10 days of great 10L items from 10 awesome people in SL who make some okay stuff :) and the  items will vary from unisex, male AND female!

a list of the 10
so how it will work is... each store will have a kiosk with all 10 of the 110 items and ONE Of the 10L items. the 10L items will be randomly at each location so for example the TRUTH item could be at MAD designs or the caLLie cLine item at MudHoney. these items are being created especially for this event!

more info coming!

love from the 10-10-10 peeps. :)

*list: anthony's republic, barnesworth anubis, caLLie cLine, djinn & tonic, glitterati, grim babies, indyra originals, MAD designs, Mudhoney, TRUTH.

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Beanie Canning said...

Oh my God, Callie, I just finished the 10-10-10 event, and it is *the* best event I've been to in I don't know how long.

Quick and easy, and I got TONS of great items! Examples are a whole fatpack of all colors of the Padma hair from Truth for just $110, and a set of some beautiful lipstick makeup tats from Djinn & Tonic for only $10!

The $110 items are fabbie, and the $10 items are just great!

Thank you so much for doing this, and PLEASE do more of these!!!