Sunday, August 14, 2011

PLATINUM HUNT!!! simply priceless !

i'm part of the platinum hunt in 2 ways this year... one under the caLLie cLine brand where i have put out some very very detailed never released jeans. i LOVED making these jeans and took a VERY long time adding tons of details... i really hope you like them :) they come with a pair of sculpted cuffs too that are embellished to match the jeans....

jeans front and back view
in the photo i am holding 2 little cuties... a white russian KittyCat with "platinum eyes" and my sweet little Flame kitty with soft fold ears and gerbera blue eyes :) i opted for them instead of a shirt :P

oh i am also wearing some hair from Milana and a Lara Hurley skin... and the collar is from the KittyCatS gift which will see more about in my next post! :)

the jeans are in my main  store and the hint is "I love what you can find in the ocean"

good luck!



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