Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowers & Truffles... Yummy stuff for Spring!

hey all :)

We just released on April 1st the KittyCatS! Spring Collection Cats. It was a bit challenging making the chocolate ones.  Brown can look like many things when applied to a prim and my first attempts came nowhere close to chocolate! (yes, it was quite bad)

So... our kitties actually were very naughty in the end and broke into an elite Chocolatier Boutique and melted all the Chocolate bunnies and had fun decorating themselves as Fancy Truffles!!! They even managed to get some Bunny Ears and Tails too!!! Yes, they are magical. :)

Sumptuous Swirl, Coconut Milk, Whimsical White & Dark Decadence

 The second part of the Spring Collection,  "Fun Flowers" were a lot of fun to make. It's the first time I actually drew with pen and ink on paper and imported it into the digital realm to apply to the cats. I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time because I love to draw, paint and doodle. These cats are the first in our "artist" series which will use traditional mediums all hand done on paper or canvas then applied digitally. I can't wait to do more in the future!!!

Sold in a Pair - Will birth a special "fun flower" kitten

Also this month is Collabr88 I am really excited about that too! Working on stuff for that... LOVE that event and the people involved!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous week... enjoy!



p.s. you can get the KittyCatS! at the main shop or on the marketplace!

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