Saturday, April 28, 2012

just a mouse click away....

Last week, KittyCatS! released something I've been pretty excited about for a long time. We added the KittyCatS! CaTTery.

What is that? Well simply put, it's a way to export your cats with the click of the mouse onto our website "CaTTery" and you have the ability to feed, breed and care for them there!

It's an added feature our customers can use if they can't get into SL to care for their pets and just want to "keep an eye on them" and a very customizable tool that really can be used however the customer wants. (Some people were VERY excited to get their houses back after giving up house and home to their little Kitties)

A FEW OF MY PRETTY GIRLS online. *waves to them* 

Prims are always an issue in SL so I'm really happy we were able to offer a feature that is mindful of the limits we all have to work with in SL.

Thus far the response has been really positive which we were hoping for. What I find is really great is the speed of which the KittyCatS can travel in and out of SL in... literally a SECOND or LESS!!! I have to admit having fun sending them back and forth quite a few times.

We have provided this awesome addition at no charge so all who wanted, no matter what their budget could use the cattery. Oh did i forget to mention we have a new hold/cuddle too??? (Adorkable did a great job on it!!!)

new BEAR HUG hold - my little BunnyCat & me.

If you want to read more about it from some other perspectives, here are a few people who gave their take on it. New World Notes, Harper Beresford, Emerald Wynn,   & Kayleigh McMillian.

So with over 30 MILLION breeding possibilities ALL OF THEM, can be instantly seen on our website!!!  I have to say though I know very little about scripting... I'm pretty impressed with all the work and brain power it went into creating this technology... and I bow down humbly to "KittyCats" our scripter for his ability to pull of what we only dreamed of. Can't wait for the other stuff he's gonna do :P

If you want to know more about KittyCatS! please check out our website, and feel free to IM me inworld anytime too!

ahhh I got my house back!!! Thank you KittyCatS!

have a great weekend!


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Emerald Wynn said...

YAY! I think this is one of the most awesome things I've seen in SL in a long time. It's going to save me soooo many prims and so much rent money! Thank you thank you for your fabulous KittyCatS team! ♥