Tuesday, October 22, 2013

well, HeLL-O-Kitteh!

Well HeLL-O again!

These cats are DYING to meet you... they come from a place where they have a HeLL-A-Good time and invite you to join them in the madness of Devilish fun.

Meet the HeLL-O-KittehS!

L to R: Pyromaniac, PuRRnicious, Phatasmagoria, Abyssmal, Pandemonium & Hawt Stuff
These cats also come with all the interactive features of any KittyCat AND the extra broom riding feature! They are really really pretty and full of glowy goodness.

They would love to meet and treat you with their devilish presence.

They are available inworld at the KittyCatS Mainstore, (where you can view them) AND on the marketplace! You can purchase them by gender and the design comes randomly.



callie cline

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