Tuesday, October 24, 2006

bootie & b'bye!

well it's time to say bye bye to the old FUNK store, in elpenor, where i first sold my very first outfit which was... skullicious black! to make the "good bye" more fun, i invited my group over for a 5 minute free jeans sale! hehe... and so here are the pics of some nice booties ;) and some of the gals sitting with me while i "kiss" the old "funk" goodbye! it's bitter sweet, i have so manhy fond memories of that store, from bugging the bugger who build it, "wandering yaffle", and from deciding to make clothes after NO ONE bought my skull candles, hahaha... to meeting some people who have become friends there like, tami mccoy, tuli asturias, aphrodite wishbringer, ally geer, and so so so so many more. wow, i'll never forget all the fun there... kiana (dulce) and i were just getting started, and i was the decorator, haha... and somehow after i learned to make stuff, she was kind enough to let me have a wall, then another, and another, then 1/2 the store (which i built & err... ruined?) and then now... we've outgrown the place! the new store officially opens on friday in "PLUSH LAMBDA" and is a lot bigger in fact, we both have our own HUGE stores and a cool "funk attic" with stuff from gurl 6, jeepers creepers, barnesworth anubis, and oh yes, ::LOLLYPOP:: is now there too! hurray! i'll post more in the next few days! ty to the "goodbye bootie girls" i LOVE my customers and it's so great to meet them whenever i can! xoxo, caLLie


Anonymous said...

The new store ROCKS, Callie. I thought the new dres was a bit clunky until I worked out I was trying to wear the box it came in... Now it's beautiful. :)

caLLie cLine said...

awww, ty angie!!!! YOU rock! send me a pic of you in it if you can!!! i'd love to see how you look now ;)

xoxo, caLLie