Friday, October 27, 2006


yay, we made our move to our HUGE new location. i now have my very own store and kiana is right across the walkway from me, it's so cool! we've been working so hard, i can't imagine when people get a whole sim how hard they must work... wow! anyway, we have a lot more room to grow, and will be having a grand opening funky-cool-baby bash in the coming weeks.... for now FREE shirts to everyone, wooo hooo! i LOVE my new shop so much, it came out totally different than i expected, but that's what i love about being creative, you never know what's gonna happen, hehe... ty to everyone who dropped by during the process, shane (xoxo), jaz (ty for the tp!), ally (cheerleader), the ZERO DRAMA LLAMAS (hey we've had the group for a few weeks now and there has been NO drama!) haha. AND thank you so much to all my wonderful customers who are so so so so awesome, you are one of the reasons i do what i do... gosh, i'm blabbing like i'm getting an oscar, hehe... well, i'm just excited. thank you tuli for "decorating" advice early on that changed the whole look, and most of all, thanks to my sister, kiana dulce, for being a great sister in SL, friends, partner in "funky" crime and for this fun venture you invited me into way back when i was your decorator... hehe. ok, next post to show ya the shirts.... xoxo, caLLie


CronoCloud said...

Yay! Congrats on the move again. It really is a nice build.

Anonymous said...

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