Monday, October 2, 2006


fall is in the air... summer quietly said "goodbye" while winter whispered, "here i come." as our days get shorter and sweeter, our nights will become longer, warmer. i love this time of year... i took a few pics at a wonderful place, still holding on a bit to summer, as i wore my "summer in cannes" bikini, and a lot of bling... i even dusted off my tiara from my early SL days as "princess caLLie" a title i still hold on the island of shivar... these days though, i don't hold court much, as i work more. we're building a giant new store that i can't wait to share with you all... happy fall everyone. xoxo, caLLie


Celebrity Trollop said...

Woohoo!! Go Callie!

Celebrity Trollop said...

OMG, you told me about your blog and I forgot to put it in my feed!!!

D'oh!! Well, that's fixed now.

P.S. I've been wearing your signature jeans w/ Starley's new skin -- looks fabbbbbulous.